New Proofing experiment….

I have been looking at alternatives to my current system for client proofing and had been dialed into  I cannot speak more highly for this system.  It is easeful to use, beautiful to view and easy to share.  REALLY REALLY stoked on this…  Heres an example;

I hug trees.

I am absolutely fascinated with trees, limbs, the plants that grow on them, around them and the best of all things is to climb into a tree, way high up and just listen.  I was looking through old work and found these two yummy shots below from two years ago.  One is Boneyard Beach on Bull Island and the other is a detail of the Angel Oak tree here in Johns Island SC.

Father + Son trip [Central Florida January 2014]

My Pops and I go on some sort of Father/Son trip each year.  Been doing it for the past 11 years and each one seems to be better than before.  British Columbia in Summer, Mt Rainier, Country Road trip in Vermont during the fall, surf in the outer banks, San Fran, so many great memories!  This year we had planned on going to Louisville KY for a bourbon trail trip.  Then snow came.  Next we realized our new southern roots had taken purchase and well the cold did not sound so amazing.  IN true Cebulka, “lets figure this out and roll with it”, we decided to head south.  We discovered a kinda sorta remote natural spring fed stream where the water was colored Caribbean ocean blue, watched Ferraris/Porsches and other assorted cars race for 24 hours at Daytona Speedway for the Rolex 24 and finished it off with a trip up florida’s A1A coastal Hwy, which if you can spend the time I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!  Here is a visual story of the trip.

On a cold day I….

wish I had this cabinet.

The Line. {food photography} Charleston SC

something about the order of a kitchen and a line of production always makes me stop and smile.  out of chaos comes beauty.  so fitting.