Published: Charlie Magazine {Editorial/Lifestyle Photography} Remote Montana Trout Streams and Backcountry SC marshes

Pretty excited about this post as it is in regards to an article recently written about a friend and client whom I am blessed to know and work with.  Not long ago I posted a teaser from the shoot, say a week or so ago….ahhhh holidays, the time in the year when blinking an eye and the week is gone is the norm LOL.  Anywho, the article came out today and I am stoked for the photo editors selection, the props given to Free Fly [whom makes what I consider the BEST longsleeve for outdoor wear that I have ever found…that says something coming from the guy that BEATS THE TAR out of his hiking/fishing/foraging gear!].  You can view the whole piece expertly written by Caroline Millard for Charlie Magazine here.