Published {Food/Lifestyle Photography} Charleston SC

Two new pieces I had an immense pleasure working on for Charlie Magazine are up!  One dealt with chickens of which some of our own were used.  Quick side story; my wife loves our hens and yet has trouble figuring out which is which [and I agree sometimes its hard, hence the help of my neighbors children whom without fail can list their names off instantly] has chosen to name them Hank or better known as the Hanks.  I think she knows hens are girls and yet I smile ear to ear when ever I hear her talking about the Hanks.  The second piece featured a local businesswoman whom has gone back to the basics and given those of us familiar with Grandma’s pies another shot at the heaven we had growing up.  I mean sloppy [the contents bubble and ooze over the edge], not too sweet nor savory and utterly delicious.  You can find Whitney’s pies currently at the saturday morning farmers market.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!