Years ago I spent a lot of time [ahem and money] searching out old film for my Polaroid SX-70 camera.  I found a bunch of expired stuff, started buying from Project Impossible [whose film was so unstable that I couldn’t reliably expect quality imagery] and even experimented with image transferring.  All in all it was a FUN time and one that both helped me with understanding the frame of square format as well as learn to slow down to appreciate analog photography.  Now we have “filters” on instagram, edit styles in photoshop [ie. totally rad actions and visual supply co.] and a multitude of ways to seemingly replicate what you will see below.  Tight work, kinda.  Beautiful, in its own way, FOR SURE! Classic, yup.  I found these from 2011 while going through my libraries in prep for updating my website, I hope you dig.