My name is….

Me.  Andrew Stephen Cebulka.  Earthling.  Photographer.  Artist.  Man.  Person that really loves life…..a lot.

15 Things about me;

  1. I was born in Delaware and can personally attest that it is not located in Maryland, has actually more to do than be a place one quickly drives through, and produces one of the BEST crab cakes that I have ever encountered.  oh and is the home of DOGFISH HEAD. ’nuff said.
  2. I shoot with both film and digital using Canon’s, Mamiya’s, Polaroids, Instax Mini….wait I see a pattern here…ok slight addiction, but I mean why not another beautyflex or AE-1 they are so pretty…and, ok I’m calling my therapist now, I get it.
  3. I love Music…a bit of Dinah Washington, mixed with a touch of Phoenix, rounded out by some rustling Avett Brothers, complimented with a rift or two of The Black Keys and slowed down with the finishing touches of Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis.
  4. You may have figured it out on the last one that I worked in restaurants for a while…yes, yes I did.  Would you like that up or on the rocks?
  5. I spend free time foraging wild mushrooms…no not the kind that makes you see things, rather the kind that Whole Foods charges lots of dollars for that just so happen to grow in the backyard.  Conspiracy…I think NOT!
  6. I am lighthearted.  I prefer to smile than frown, laughing til it hurts, taking a deep breath then doing it all over again.
  7. If I could live anywhere in the world right now….Mal Pais/Santa Teresa Costa Rica, great waves, great food, great fun, plus the drive in is INSANE and worth the fear and laughter.
  8. I go on adventures with my beloved who is a ROCKSTAR in her own right; life consultant, hip hop dancer, Master of Smiling, baker….all around amazing badass.
  9. I think Netflix rules.  Same with Planet Earth…both changed my life.
  10. Botticelli, Guy Bourdin, Jesus Christ, Da Vinci, Alphonse Mucca, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber and My Family are some of my favorites sources for inspiration.
  11. I like to eat chips and salsa…maybe a bit too much, at least that’s what my acupuncturist says, its crushing my liver chi….DAMN!
  12. I love animals, except the kind that surprise you when you are foraging and have the ability to seriously ruin your day (yeah that’s right, I am talking to you Mr. Rattlesnake and Mrs Black Widow).
  13. I consider myself an Earthling.
  14. I am an Aquarian.  Not sure what it means, though when I tell people that seem to know these things what I do and think they say “yeah you’re an Aquarian” and give me these kind of odd eyes…like is he going to fly away or did he notice I just passed gas or something like that.

15.  I love to stop and smell the roses, literally.  Flowers always brighten my day so I prefer to have them all around me.  My favorite right now are the kind my                           partner brings home, her                       taste rocks!

If you are interested in setting up a meeting to talk further, give me a holler via the contact form.